Daniel Pearson Republican for Justice of the Peace

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The Pearson Story


Angela Pearson


         I had dreamed of going to the University of Arizona ever since I was 10 years old.  Everything was ready.  I was accepted, I had a dorm placement and my caring parents even got me a car to travel back and forth from Glendale to Tucson.  Then I met Daniel Pearson.  We both were working at the “Glendale 9 Drive In,” movie theater.  (It’s still there today but not quite as popular as back in the eighty’s.)  He was the most honest, helpful and trustworthy person I had ever met.  (He was quite handsome too.)  Since he was new to the “Drive In,” I helped him any way I could.  Shortly after his arrival I was placed outside in ticket sales.  Daniel quickly became the protector, which built our friendship.  A few months later I was headed to Tucson.  After a huge long distance bill, it was decided that I should transfer to ASU.  There was no way Daniel and I would be apart for long.  In 1994 we were married at Community Church of Joy, the same church I grew up in as a child.  Even though Daniel was forever busy with his trucking company, he was always there to encourage me toward becoming a teacher.  He was my biggest cheerleader the day I accepted my degree. 

         Teaching second grade was great. Daniel’s company was great.  While we enjoyed our busy lives together, something was missing.  We wanted a child.  I knew very early in our relationship that Daniel would be a great dad.  I always called him a “kid magnet.”  No matter where we were, our neighborhood, school, even at the mall, random kids would come up to him and just start talking to him.  Daniel always gave them attention, never ignoring any of their funny observations and conversations.  After many years without success in having our own child, we decided to begin classes for our foster care license.  Our instructors at Arizona Baptist Children’s Services were amazing and the experience was very healing for me in accepting that having a child to love doesn’t need to be blood related.  We were able to meet and care for the most resilient and amazing children and families.  We had never been parents before and here I was rocking a screaming child at 2am.  I realized how much my love for Daniel had grown, as he scoops the little sweetheart out of my hands and says calmly, “Go to bed, I’ll take him.”  We were blessed with several children to care for but there were two in particular that are still in my heart.  We would have adopted them and their siblings without question.  Nevertheless, reunification is always priority.  Although we had them for only 6 months of their little lives, I know we made a difference in their development and growth.  Through Daniel’s strength and determination, he convinced me to see an amazing Infertility Specialist.  After 10 years of trying to conceive a child, it finally worked.  We now have our gorgeous yet sometimes very opinionated, three year-old son.  Throughout all the turmoil and pain, I could never have done it without Daniel.  He is so supportive and never gave up on me.  Now is my time to give him the same support he has given me for 20 years.  I know without a doubt he would be the best Justice of the Peace for the White Tank District.  He gained a passion for the law by listening to and reading about current court cases in his spare time.  After attending Arizona Judicial College to become a small claims Hearing Officer, he has donated countless hours in various Maricopa County Courts.  His decisions were so well received that he was asked to attend Arizona Judicial College to further become a Civil Traffic Hearing Officer.  Beyond his integrity and experience, he truly desires the people to know that they have a voice that has been heard.  I’ve never seen him so happy and excited to get to work as I do on the days that he volunteers to hear court cases.  Daniel Pearson is the best choice for your Republican Justice of the Peace for the White Tank District.